Auto Pick&Place Label Printing

Auto Pick&Place Label Printing Machine

Auto Pick&Place Label Printing Machine In-process testing video

Auto Pick&Place Label Printing         Auto Pick&Place Label Printing

Custom built Auto Pick & Place Label Printing Machine for printing labels on specific area on different sizes of Packing Bags.

With alternate side Front Loading trays, loading on either side while machine continue to run.

Auto sensing of bags with buzzer warning alarm in Unloading tray to detect that it is full .

Bags are biased to the correct position for printing and eject out once printing is finished to the Unloading tray.

Bags are not flat when stack up due to sealer ribs built in. A simple Mechanical Design to solve the problems.

All Safety Covers and Door Sensors are in placed to ensure safety during operations. Machine will stop when any door is opened.

Contact us for more details @ or 65-6749 9556

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